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Municipal Waste Removal

Serving Our Communities

Your customers are our customers. We pride ourselves on service communities with cost-effective municipal trash services.


Outsourcing municipal waste services has been shown to generate considerable cost-savings to municipalities that do not have existing public collection services. This kind of cost-effective service delivery means that residents are provided the services they want, while ensuring their hard-earned tax dollars are maximized in the process.

Whether your municipality uses a split-model, is completely privatized, or is considering privatization of waste disposal, we can offer you competitive pricing while giving you all the advantages of outsourced services:

  • We take on all the fleet management, maintenance and administrative costs
  • We maintain complete transparency as-required and have positive and ongoing communication with your municipal operations as well as customers
  • We handle all service issues, saving your department staff’s time and resources
  • We directly supervise all collection activities and take corrective action as-needed
  • We compete with other private municipal waste service providers to give your our best service at our best price

We welcome the opportunity to bid on any municipal waste disposal contract within the region to ensure you receive the best value for your municipal tax dollars.

We pride ourselves on serving customers through our municipal contracts.

Contact us today to learn more or to receive a detailed bid for our services.

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